Thursday, April 8, 2010

Need LTL options?

The number one complaint we hear the most about most LTL shipments is Damages. Don't get me wrong, LTL shipments using a common carrier is great for saving costs and increasing efficiencies, but if you are shipping product of value or that may be time-sensitive then most LTL options may bring more headache than savings. Most customers loose their freight savings in damages, stock-out costs, client/customer service failures and late deliveries.

One option many companies overlook is what we call a specialized line haul service. These services are very similar to your typical common carrier LTL service except one big difference: your freight is handled and moved less. Another great feature of this service is that many destination points under 500 miles can deliver the next day without the overnight costs. Although pricing for this service is slightly higher than the common carriers, customers find that they make up the savings in the flexibility, service guarantee and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our line haul service, please give us a call for a freight quote today!

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